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Kristina Orekhova


"Mrs.Elite Beauty Queen Kuzbass 2018"
My name is Kristina Orekhova. I'm 30 years old and I have two children - a daughter and a son. I am from the city of Kemerovo - the capital of Kuzbass, Russia. From the very childhood I could not live calmly and always occupied myself with something. While studying at school, I got an art education, was actively engaged in various sports and always had an active life position in public affairs. That is why in the senior classes I was elected president of my school. I fulfilled my childhood dream, because when I was little and asked whom I want to be, I answered modestly "President"))) I also always liked to express my thoughts and write stories. My "test pen" in journalism began with the release of the school's first newspaper and wins at various competitions. I was chosen the first TV presenter of the program, coming from my university on the local channel. This program became the first-degree diploma at the All-Russian competition later (it won the prize place). Then for some period all my time was occupied by the family and my babies were born. I have lovely daughter Arina, 7 years old, and son Svyatoslav, 3 years old. After a while I returned to public life, organizing various kinds of events and celebrations and working in parallel the host of these events. I have my own life principles - if I take up any work, I try to do all my best. And I'm always very worried about the result .. sometimes, in order to find strength and enthusiasm, I remember what has already been done and it helps me. I should also say that I'm a very happy person because I know how to make friends and I love people. That's why there is almost no region in my big country, where there would not be my friends. I hope that after this contest I will have more friends from different parts of the world!

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