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Viktorija Magdalena Belajeva


“Mrs. Elite Beauty Queen Central Latvia 2018”
I am a woman. My name is Victoria Magdalena. I am 34. I graduated from the University of Economics and Culture. I acted in a film. I do charity. With my participation I want to show that the women in Latvia have all the opportunities to combine harmonically successful career, femininity, and variety of interests in their image. Work gives me financial freedom and my passion for the theatre and classes at the Art Studio provide inner freedom. I like black cats, black coffee and white nights. I love enjoying the aroma and taste of life while drinking coffee. I love the sea and loneliness as well as the versatile city. I love being diverse but always lovely. I have three goals in my life: to become a happy wife, a super mom and a furious driver of Harley Davidson. I am a woman, fancy is peculiar to me. I appreciate attention and love surprises. I don’t need the Moon, neither do I need the stars. I will be pleased with a bouquet of scarlet roses.

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