Elite Beauty Queens

Mrs. Elite Beauty Queen 2018

The order in which the finalists and the winner of the contest "Mrs. Elite Beauty Queen 2018" are determined:
Every competitive day
- 50% are made by vote on the website http://elitebeautyqueens.com/vote/;
- 40% is the score and vote of members of the jury;
- 10% is the evaluation and voting of the organizing committee of the competition;
- at the end of each competitive day, according to the results of the collected votes, it is determined by the TOP 5;
The voting system at the final show:
- 50% is voting on the website http://elitebeautyqueens.com/ru/vote/;
- 40% of the jury;
- 10% organizing committee of the competition.

Bonuses of each competition day - Step to Vote: through the page https://www.facebook.com/EliteBeautyQueens/ Like, Comment and Share the picture of the contestant. Items for voting are distributed: 1 Like - 1 point; 1 Comment - 1 point; 1 Share - 3 points.